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Carlisle handles are available in a wide variety of materials including steel, wood, fiberglass, and plastic for use with brooms, brushes, squeegees, paint rollers and more. Carlisle handles are available in various colors, sizes, lengths and styles ranging from tapered, threaded, and the heavy duty Juno style and are either a fixed length or a telescopic length for reaching extreme areas.

Metal tipped handles are reinforced for heavy uses such as floor sweeping and/or street sweeping where a higher amount of pressure is applied to the broom and/or brush head. Plastic tipped metal handles are well suited for lighter needs such as deck brushes, floor brushes, upright brooms and light scrubs.

Carlisle Metal Coated handles are only available in threaded tips for use with brooms, brushes, floor squeegees and more. Browse our large selection of handles by clicking on any of the items below.